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Ningbo beilun daqi dongfeng mold plastic Factory is a private enterprise engaged in the development, design and manufacture of mold, plastic mold, casting mold, press mold , plastic injection mold , injection molding , After 20 years development, the factory has strong technical capacity, all kinds of superfinishing processing machine, full computer controlled injection molding machine and CAD processing. Cad/Cam/CNC are widely used and mold lead time is reduced and quality is assured.

The basic tenet from the factory is to make customer confident and satisfy customer. The company has made elaborate design, high quality products, satisfactory after sales service to provide services for customers both at home and abroad with the philosophy of innovation, pragmatic approach, seeking for brilliance. The company has made heavy commitment to credit and contract and laid high attention to time which is the solid foundation for our cooperation with all companies.

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Company Name: Ningbo beilun daqi dongfeng mold plastic Factory
Company Address: NO.128 Huangan Tashi Daqi Beilun Ningbo China
Zip/Postal Code: 315806
Telephone Number: 86-574-86148080/86114058
Fax Number: 86-574-86114028
Contact Person: Christopher  
Mobile: 0086-(0)13095982403    Enguang Zhou
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